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Mozillian for 5 years Jan 2015
08:43 America/Sao_Paulo

Felipe Mattos


Specialist internet systems development, focused in user interfaces for RIA(rich Internet application) and mobile applications. also pretty attentive and strong attention in best development practices, performance and patterns.

Enthusiast and contributor to open source projects, mentor at Nodeschool Campinas and organizer the RuPy Campinas, FEMUG­-CPS, Front in Campinas, JS Campinas finally, the Flisol Campinas, one of the biggest free software events in Latin America.

Have a huge portfolio, including development of applications as the mobile version of LibreOffice and web applications for Firefox OS, beyond writer at tableless and speaker in open source events.


firefox student ambassadors, firefoxos


acessibility, angularjs, apache cordova, css, git, html5, javascript, linux, mongodb, nodejs, open source, sass, ux


English, Japanese, Brazilian portuguese

Vouched By

  • Geraldo Barros

    Felipe has integrated the activities of Mozilla Brazil in Campinas and is already making important contributions to the promotion of Mozilla mission through our events.

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