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Vouched By

  • Marcus Ang

    Eric is one of the active contributors in the Mozilla Philippines Community and was the club lead of his school when he was still a Firefox Student Ambassador. He shares his technical knowledge to mentor others in events and gave talks as well to promote the Open Web and the Mozilla Mission.

  • Tina Verbo

    Eric is a former Firefox Student Ambassador from Bulacan State University and when he graduated in college, he still volunteers in the events of Mozilla PH Community. He has great leadership skills when he was a FSA. He helps out with the community by sharing his technical skills through events of the community.

  • Ryan Ermita

    Former FSA club lead and now one of the awesome volunteer of the Mozilla Philippines community. Aside from being an active FSA club lead he did a really great job on mentoring participants on our events like Maker Parties.

  • Robert Reyes

    Awesome Mozillian from the Philippines! Former Firefox Student Ambassador at the Bulacan State University.

  • Faye Tandog

    Eric is a very proactive member of the Mozilla PH Community and was the Club Lead of their school's Firefox Club in Bulacan State University. He started as a Firefox Student Ambassador and actively promoted the Mozilla mission in their campus. Now, he shares his technical and facilitation skills to the PH community to ensure our projects and events are delivered well.


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