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Warsaw, Mazovia, Poland
05:16 Europe/Warsaw

Andrzej Mazur


HTML5 Game Developer, Enclave Games indie studio founder, js13kGames competition creator, Gamedev.js Weekly newsletter publisher, Warsaw Open Device Lab host and Gamedev.js Meetups organizer.

JavaScript programmer, member of the Mozilla Tech Speaker initiative, active Hacks blog and MDN contributor, creator of a content kit on HTML5 Game Development for Beginners, active Firefox app developer, Captain Rogers creator, and frequent conference speaker.

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nda, slack-access




css, game development, html5, javascript


English, Polish


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Vouched By

  • Ali Spivak

    Andrzej is a great speaker, developer, and has contributed a lot to Mozilla.

  • Chris Mills

    I'm vouching Andrzej for being an amazing member of the MDN community (and others too) — he well-known in web game development, and shares his knowledge wherever he can. This particular nomination is for his excellent beginner's 2D gaming tutorial series over at our game zone. He has also been awarded an MDN Star.

  • Havi Hoffman

    Andrzej is an active speaker, evangelist and game / open web app developer who contributes w/code, talks and participation - he participates actively in Moz-driven and dev community driven events, in Poland and beyond. He joined us at MWC and a host of smaller dev-centric events as well as MDN/DevRel planning sessions.

  • Jason Weathersby

    Andrzej has developed many popular Firefox OS games, written articles to assist other developers, Presented on Mozilla technologies, and has been very active in Mozilla events. In addition he is also working HTML5 Game development resources for Mozilla.


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