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Diego Landa


Mozilla Contributor since 2009 as Mozilla Student Reps, Y.E.T.I.S., Regional Marketing Ambassador, Firefox Students Club Lead.

Contributions to localization, Tech evangelism, Firefox OS Apps, Firefox Spread, Mozilla Bolivia Community.


firefox, labs, sf-monument, firefox student ambassadors


.css3 html5 javascript, community development, desktop, evangelism, firefox addon, firefox os app developer, firefox os evangelist, firefox student ambassador, graphic design, javascript, mobile, program manager, teaching, web development


English, Spanish


Vouched By

  • José Junior Villagomez Melgar

    Mozilla Collaborator since 2009, from Cochabamba Bolivia. Diego is Regional Marketing Ambassador [1] show conferenes in Bolivians Universities, he is Mozilla USB Firefoxclub Member [2] , and Diego is Mozilla Bolivia Collaborator member.

    [1] [2]

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