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Mozillian for 9 years Sep 2011
San Francisco, California, United States
13:40 US/Pacific

Diane (Bisgeier) Tate

Internal Programs & Comms


Sept 2011 joined Mozilla to Program Manage WebFWD, our startup accelerator.

January 2014 Moved to Developer Relations / MDN

April 2015 Moved to Internal Comms

Interested in speaking about entrepreneurship, startups, community building and other ways developers can make their projects successful.

You can see some of my presentations on slideshare & my personal blog >


webfwd, mozspeakers, flame users, may 2016 new hires


entrepreneurship, french, mdn fellow summer 2015, public speaking, startups



External Accounts

Vouched By

  • Janet Swisher

    As program manager for Developer Relations/MDN, Diane did a fantastic job of keeping the team's ducks in a row and marching smoothly forward. She is a connector who seems to know everybody in the Bay Area tech scene.

  • William Reynolds

    Diane has made significant contributions in leading WebFWD as a program manager and several Developer Relations / MDN initiatives. She is also a lot of fun to work with.

  • Dino McVouch

    An automatic vouch for being a Mozilla employee.


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