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Mozillian for 8 years Aug 2012
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
02:18 America/Vancouver

Dethe Elza

Hive Vancouver co-organizer, Maker Party host, Webmaker mentor


Geek dad. Formerly worked on Marketplace and the Lightbeam/Collusion plugin. Interested in lifelong learning, bridging a variety of technology divides and improving social equality in Vancouver and beyond. My main open source project is the Waterbear visual programming toolkit:

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arduino, explaining technology to normal people, html5, javascript, objective-c, processing, python, svg, teaching, tinkering, writing


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Vouched By

  • Nick Alexander

    Dethe is the heart and soul of Mozilla. He's an educator, an organizer, an agitator, a true web developer and internet citizen. He built Collusion/Lightbeam. He built the Mozilla Foundation design team, YVR outpost. He builds the web.

  • Roland Tanglao

    Waterbear & Collusion would be more enough open source code to put Dethe into the Mozillian hall of fame. But wait there's more :-) Dethe's a friendly presence IRL and online and has an infectiously positive demeanor on and off line. If you get a chance to hang or work with Dethe, take it, you won't regret it!

  • Ralph Giles

    Dethe is completely awesome, and also happens to be a long-term contributor to Mozilla projects and events. He has organized many education and outreach activities, and worked hard to make technology more accessible and equitable. He excels in connecting people. I had the joy of working along side him in the Vancouver Mozilla office for a couple of years.

  • Emma Irwin

    Dethe has been an absolute treasure in the Mozilla community - beyond his paid work developing Lightbeam, Dethe has tirelessly volunteered with the BC Community to run events in Vancouver & Victoria including: Makerfaire , Discover Tectoria, Makerfaire Education series , Hive Vancouver and more.


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