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David Bryant

Fellow, Emerging Technologies


As a Fellow in our Emerging Technologies organization I provide technical expertise and representation for engineering broadly in all aspects of company decision making, paying particular attention to getting new technologies more rapidly into our platform and products.

I've held a variety of roles leading product engineering, marketing, sales enablement and technology licensing businesses at Bell Laboratories, Sun Microsytems, Nokia, and now Mozilla where I have previously served as head of Platform Engineering and interim CTO. I've always been motivated by building Internet and computing technology solutions for real-world problems that matter to people.

My history and Mozilla's are connected in a number of ways. While at Sun Microsystems in 1996 my team conceived & delivered the first browser and internet tool set for Solaris using Netscape Navigator, and I helped found and lead the Sun/Netscape alliance from 1999 - 2002. At Nokia I authored our web & browser platform strategy and worked to help get Internet technologies into our products and accessories.

These days I spend a lot of my personal creative time participating in the Maker movement, building software and hardware in my home workshop and exploring the world of programmable, connected things. I'm keen to explore where Mozilla can play a role in that space as well.

I grew up in Nashville, Tennessee, and hold Bachelor of Science and Master of Engineering degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Tennessee.

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