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London, England, United Kingdom
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IRC : david_ross

David Ross

Mozfest Wrangler, Privacy Lab London, MDN, Mozilla Reps, UK Community


Building an open source endurance sports infrastructure in London called Fit Open

Cupcakes are so 2013. Huge fan of doughnuts. Big into Keto. Obsessed by anything remotely involving chocolate, Open Source, and the Open Web.

It's all about the hugs, dance music, and pressing buttons I probably shouldn't. I can play the spoons, was banned from Twitter by Eurovision, and have regularly cooked for 150.

Volunteered since 2014 at Mozfest (Wrangler in 2017 & 2018) and increasingly engaging in the UK community with regular MozCoffee, open calls and much more. We believe in each other! 2016 is the year I smashed apart my fear of public speaking. Would love to be coached to get get better. Previously co-organising 'Linuxing in London' monthly Linux meetup and hosting Privacy Lab London helped that hurdle.

MDN contributor, and a binge watcher of AirMo . Schedule some time with me

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a bit of python, administration, basic django, business management, community, css3, customer service, dancing, dj, events, fitness, full stack developer, html5, hugs, human resources, javascript, learning, linux, marketing, mozilla reps, music, nodejs, open data, people, privacy, sales, startups, stock, training, wordpress




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Vouched By

  • Sarah Allen

    David Ross is such a pillar of the UK community. It has been a joy to watch David grow in confidence, find his voice and take an organisational lead in many local events. A supportive, enthusiastic and genuine person, I am delighted when we get to collaborate.

  • Kade Morton

    David has started running the Privacy Labs in London. I volunteered to help out while I was traveling through London and got to see him deftly overcome various venue issues and moderate a panel of experts talking about the Snoopers' Charter. I later worked along side him volunteering at MozFest 2016. A valued addition to the Moz London community.

  • Stacy Martin

    David is a very gifted organizer and host of Privacy Lab in London. I greatly enjoy working with him - he makes it look easy!

  • Spike (Chris Foote)

    David was a local volunteer for the Mozilla Festival in 2014 and 2014. He is enthusiastic and hugely passionate about what he does. His contribution to MozPubs and MozFest 2015 is measurable and much appreciated. A true and valued Mozillian!

  • Unknown Voucher

    Awesome MozFest volunteer and MozLondon participant


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