Mozillian Profile

Daniela Albarrán

Vouched By

  • Jhonatas Machado

    Daniela is a great mozillian who is inspired and loves her work. She helps a lot on Social Support, she are involved in all actions looking for strengthen her community in Mexico and also she are leader of social media in her country. She's dedicated and very important to community and Mozilla mission at Mexico.

  • Cynthia Pereira

    Daniela is an awesome person who is doing an excelent work in Mozilla Mexico as a leader of social media and community builder. She also contributes with Social Support program answering questions from users on official social networks. Thank you Daniela for all support, efforts and friendship! #GoDani

  • Odin Mojica

    Ella esta colaborando en el área de difusión haciendo un gran papel, esta colaborando de igual manera en el área de WoMozMX, una Mozillians muy buena.

  • Yuliana Reyna Jimenez

    Daniela es nueva dentro de la comunidad de Mozilla México, entro con gran entusiasmo a la comunidad a apoyar en el area de redes sociales y el proyecto WoMoz, ah estado activa en platicas y reuniones con la comunidad, y esta apoyando a participantes de la comunidad con SUMO.

  • Francisco Picolini

    An Automatic vouch for being invited to London All Hands 2016

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