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Christie Koehler

Education Lead, Community Building Team


Open culture evangelist, writer, programmer, community builder, vegan, queer, anti-oppressionist, Buddhist. I am co-founder of Stumptown Syndicate, co-chair of the annual Open Source Bridge conference, and I co-host the technology podcast In Beta. I co-authored a book about Community Event Planning.

At Mozilla, I help drive the planning, development and implementation of Mozilla-wide educational and cultural resources that support and grow our contributor community.

I lead the Education & Culture working group, the Mozilla Wiki team , and am module owner for Mozilla Wiki.

My last name is pronounced KAY-ler (listen). You can also call me CK.

Public GPG key available here.


community builders, developer engagement, evangelism, homozilla, portland, sf-monument, vegan, web development, web production, womoz, wiki, mozillawiki


bash, community, community building, documentation, evangelism, events, linux, mediawiki, php, project management, python, wordpress




External Accounts

Vouched By

  • Gordon P. Hemsley

    Christie is the team lead and module owner for the MozillaWiki. She also does important work for the Community Building Team. She lives and breathes the Mozilla Manifesto and the Open Source movement.

  • Michelle Marovich

    Christie is an integral part of the Community Building Team and has worked at MoCo for several years.

  • Alison M Wheeler

    Major cat-herding work on wiki.m.o and bringing together a team to manage and improve it.

  • Dino McVouch

    An automatic vouch for being a Mozilla employee.


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