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Mozillian for 6 years Jan 2014
IRC : buluma

Michael Buluma

Community IT | SUMO

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  • Rachel McGuigan

    Michael is fearless when it comes to supporting new products. He has excellent customer skills and a great online presence. He is professional and a fast learner.

  • Joni Savage

    Michael has an important role in the SUMO community. He contributes to the knowledge base, participates in feedback discussions and welcomes newcomers. Michal makes SUMO a friendly and productive place. The community and users thank you!

  • Madalina Ana

    Michael is awesoooomee! He is everywhere: answering questions on the forums, editing English and Swahili articles, welcoming new people to the SUMO community ...we couldn't do it without him!

  • Michal Dziewonski

    Michael has been doing an awesome job localizing SUMO and supporting our users: He's a great host, welcoming new contributors to our community like a pro :-)

    Thank you, Michael!

  • Unknown Voucher

    SUMO awesome contributor!

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