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Mozillian for 12 years Jan 2002

Po-chiang Bob Chao

Coordinating the local community


Po-chiang Chao (aka. BobChao) started his Mozillian life as a volunteer since 2002, and then co-found the community web site in 2004. Besides his activities on MDN, l10n, SUMO, marketing, and Labs projects, he is mainly focus on contributor engagement, helping others achieve their goals on Mozilla projects. Besides Mozilla-related stuffs, Bob is the chief-organizer of COSCUP (Conference for Open Source Coders, Users, and Promoters), which is the largest FLOSS conference in Taiwan.

趙柏強,網路上常用 ID 為 BobChao。2002 年開始正式投入貢獻 Mozilla 中文專案及協調,而後於 2004 年與夥伴共同創立正體中文社群網站。在 MDN、正體中文在地化、SUMO、行銷及 Mozilla Labs 等專案都有涉獵,而主力貢獻領域則是協調社群力量,幫助其他社群成員完成想做的事、並做得更好。除了 Mozilla 相關事務外,近幾年也協助籌辦亞洲主要的中文開放原始碼社群研討會 COSCUP(開源人年會),近兩年出任總召。

Bob is also a ReMo, read his Reps page here.


css, html, javascript, usability research, web analytics


English, Simplified chinese

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