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Massachusetts, United States
10:25 US/Eastern
IRC : bjherbison RIP

B.J. Herbison


add-on reviewers



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Vouched By

  • Caitlin Neiman

    B.J. is an add-on content reviewer for He has great attention to detail, asks good questions, and is very enthusiastic about supporting Mozilla's projects. It's great having him on board!

  • Mike de Boer

    He's provided me with very valuable feedback and super helpful bug reports that contain good summaries and steps to reproduce. There are many ways one can help make Firefox better, and BJ does his part! BTW, running Nightly as your primary browser is scary, so kudos ;-)

  • Henrik Skupin

    Vouching for BJ again since he is a long term contributor to Mozilla. Thank you for all the time!

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