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Mozillian for 4 years Mar 2015
New Delhi, NCT, India
20:00 Asia/Kolkata

Chirag Batra

Core Contributor of Mozilla Delhi


I am an IT guy keenly interested in coding new real world things .

My contribution story


firefox, javascript, creative, coding, developer tools


.javascript, .ruby, css, git and github, good understanding of html and css, ruby-on-rails


English, Hindi

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Vouched By

  • Mrinal Jain

    Chirag is an active contributor and passionate volunteer from Delhi . He is driving different domain projects/workshops. I have known Chirag as an active Mozillian who has done a great job in evangelizing for Mozilla. He has Organised in several events and contributed significantly to growth of Mozilla Mumbai also.

  • Ajay Kumar

    I have seen Chirag's contributions since he started contributing to Mozilla. He is an awesome contributor with immense technical knowledge. He played a major part forming Mozilla Club in YMCA. He has spoken on various events about Mozilla and helped forwarding our mission. His list of contributions are visible below -

  • Anup Kumar Mishra

    Chirag is an awesome technical contributor of Mozpacers community. His major contributions are outlined below :-

    Successfully organized MozDay in YMCA. Mentored new contributors to start contribution in Mozilla. Contributed in MozStumbler Project of Mozilla ,scored around 60k points Worked on severak bugs. #1018570





    Attended most of the meetups of Mozpacers. . Recognized as FSA Trainee and FSA Junior by Mozilla

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