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Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
13:48 Canada/Central

Bahareh Esfahbod

I contribute in localization project, working with Persian team.


Having active family members in Open Source community exposed me to lots of localization and Open Source discussions while I was growing up. But I got involved in my first localization project in July 2015, when a friend offered me to do so.

My educational background is in Mathematics and Computer Science, but it has nothing to do with the localization project.

I love to help friends and family who doesn't know much English, so they'll be able to enjoy the world that web experience provides to them. Also, I've always been obsessed with misspelling and grammatical errors found frequently in written Persian, and that's why I did scientific proofreading for a period of my life, back when I was in Iran. These two ideas came together and made me really excited about the localization project in Persian. And here I am!


a bit of java, algorithm analysis, algorithm design, combinatorics, data visualization, haskell, html css javascript, latex, mathematics, prolog, python 2.7


English, Persian


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Vouched By

  • Behnam Esfahbod

    Bahareh joined the L10n:fa team in 2015 to help with keeping translations up-to-date.

  • Sara Mansouri

    I am so happy that I invited Bahareh to our team; She is the exact right fit! Her localisation work has a great quality as she is supper careful for choosing every single word.

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