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Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh
02:15 Asia/Dhaka
IRC : badsha_eee

Sekander Badsha



I'm a student of Diploma in Electrical Engineering at Bangladesh Skill Development Institute BSDI and working as an Assistant Network Engineer at Zx Online Limited.

I want to build my career as a Web Developer.

I like writing. Sometimes I try to write poems, stories etc. I also like Localizing. I want to spread the message of Open Web to every Bangladeshi. That's why I chose to contribute in Mozilla.


bangladesh, bengali, developer tools, devmo, localization, teachtheweb, web development, wikipedia, firefox student ambassadors, firefox, javascript, l10n:translation, bugzilla, bangla, nightly user, business development, developers, firefoxos


event planning, speaking, web design, web development


Bangla, English, Hindi

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