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Akshay S Dinesh

creates value out of words


Interested in open learning, open educational resources.

As a Mozillian, my focus is on using the power of open Web to empower people into sharing their knowledge through the most easily accessible way - the Web.

I was part of Mozilla India's Policy and Advocacy Task Force and Documentation Task Force. I was also a member of the participation cohort.

I used to help people on IRC. Now I'm more active on Telegram.

Recognition Preferences:

  • Being Recognized: blog posts, commit access to repos, admin access to wikis and blogs
  • Giving feedback: e-mails, comments
  • Being Encouraged: e-mails, social media, comments
  • Being Thanked: e-mails, social media

Communication Prefrences:

My contribution story


teaching, web development, webmaker, policy, coding, mozilla india, evangelism, mozilla science lab, malayalam-l10n-team, first followers, mozilla kerala, participation, teaching & learning community


bug reporting, css, documentation, html, javascript, node.js, python, social media activism, speaking, web development, writing


English, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam


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Vouched By

  • Anivar A Aravind

    Akshay is a Very active Mozillian who involved in Net Neutrality Campaign and Zero rating position building . He is actively Involved in India Policy and Advocacy Task Force with the coordination of documentation efforts. He is passionate about Mozilla Values and shows you how to make difference. Thank you Akshay

  • Shreyas Narayanan Kutty

    Akshay has been actively involved with the Policy and Advocacy taskforce in India and is really active in spreading the Mozilla mission.

  • Emma Irwin

    Akshay has done an amazing job helping with the Community Education Platform, fixing roadblocks in lightening speed time. He's made a huge difference. Thanks Akshay!


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