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Arion Banishta


I’m Arion Banishta (17 y/o), and I study Computer Science and Engineering at High School on my last year.

I’m a Free Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS ) and Open Knowledge activist since 2014. The last couple of years, I’ve been working on promoting and developing Free and Open Source Software through Prishtina Hackerspace and FLOSSK – in general, promoting FLOSS in Kosovo and abroad.

Also I’m a programmer, a cyber security enthusiast, and I work with 3D Printers, Open Hardware and DIYs.

As an active community guy I’m part of some different NGOs and organizations as a Senior Member at Prishtina Hackerspace, Member for more than a year at FLOSSK, Member at PEN, Mozillian at Mozilla and I’m passionately developing Mozilla Community Kosovo.

I’m one of the organizers of Software Freedom Kosova 16 the biggest annual FLOSS Conference in Balkans and other related (FLOSS tech) activities that happened since 2009 in Kosovo including Richard Stallman’s lecture in Prishtina.


3d printing, bash scripting, computer architecture, computer network, cyber security, diy, finances, html and css, linux, open source promotion, programming + coding, programming basics: java, programming., project development + documentation, project management, python, robotics, wordpress

Vouched By

  • Elio Qoshi

    Arion is an active member of the Prishtina Hackerspace / FLOSSK involved with open hardware and connected devices. He is a young contributor who got involved in the Mozilla Activity Day in Prishtina, Kosovo on 27th March 2016

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