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Je suis un jeune développeur web et application mobile, embassadeur de Mozilla et formateur en firefox OS pour app challanger à Madagascar

Vouched By

  • Natalia Martinez-Winter

    Thanks to Solofo, we've been able to train students and developers to develop apps for the Firefox Marketplace in Madagascar. It's so great to have a french speaking web developer to help sharing his knowledge, Solofo on the ground is a great value to Mozilla. His help is also important to support the request from our key partner Orange who was running an App Challenge during several weeks. We hope this is only a start and there will be many other opportunities for Solofo to have an impact !

  • Mariot Tsitoara

    Un membre très actif de Mozilla Madagascar, Solofo a été formateur durant le Klif App Challenge ( La communauté deviens meilleur avec lui et nous souhaitons l'avoir avec nous pour très longtemps ;)

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