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18:43 Asia/Tehran
IRC : Arash-M

Arash Mousavi



A passionate developer, obsessed with free software and GNU. Been working on software localizations since 2008. Coordinator of GNOME Persian team and a Mozilian since 2012.


coding, iranmozilla, rust, devtools, javascript, ruby, localization, l10n:fa


angulerjs, css3, html, javascript, localization, ruby, ruby on rails


English, Persian


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Vouched By

  • Sara Mansouri

    I am so glad to vouch for Arash Mousavi! He is a super active member of Persian localisation team! Firefox Persian localisation was 20 releases behind (It was not updated for two years!). We worked long hours to be able to sign off Firefox 38 on-time. As a result of that Firefox 38 has a complete Persian localisation. It wouldn't be possible without the effort of Arash and 2 other dedicated localisers! Thanks Arash!

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