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Amjad M

I can't do everything, but I can do something :)


Amjad is a B.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering graduate from University Of Calicut and now working as a software engineer. He is an active Mozilla Kerala community member. For his active and valuable contribution to mozilla, he has been selected as Firefox Regional Marketing Ambassador (RMA). He is localizing MDN docs and the firefox OS Apps into malayalam language, L10n malayalam team member, An app developer for Firefox OS, An active mozilla contributor in SUMO, etc. etc... He is always like to spread the word "MOZILLA".

Speaking interests: mozilla and its mission, open web, cyber security, privacy, Firefox OS, FSA, Mozilla Contribution Areas.


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.css3 html5 java javascript php, ajax, angular js, app development, c, community building, community engagement, database mysql, event coordination, event management, iot, localization, malayalam localization, mean stack, python, symfony, testing, user research


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  • Havi Hoffman

    I met Amjad a few months ago at the first Marketplace Day - when he started a Transifex account to do some app localization work in Malayalam. Since then he's translated a couple of Firefox apps. He's also published 2 apps in Firefox Marketplace, including one called "What can i do for Mozilla?." Can't wait to see what he works on next. Thank you Amjad!

  • Josh Matthews

    Amjad localized the content of and is a SUMO contributor ( among many other contributions.

  • Vannak Eng

    He is a Firefox Student Ambassador.

  • Unknown Voucher

    Amjad had been actively volunteering with Mozilla by guiding FSAs on their activities as an RMA previously. He's in Mozilla Kerala CB, organized events including App Days, MozBooths wherever possible, webmaker parties and what not!

    Being a techie contributor too(which is awesome), he had submitted a couple of apps on marketplace, translated more than 3 fx OS apps. A milestone was achieved when he contributed translating into Malayalam. Proud to vouch for Amjad :)

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