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Mozillian for 5 years Aug 2015
Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India
02:23 Asia/Kolkata

Amit Kumar Jaiswal

Coding, Kaggler and making research tools


I am a final year undergraduate of Computer Science & Engineering currently pursuing Bachelor of Technology from Kanpur University. I am an active Mozillian and FSA. I am a passionate coder, a quora addict, foodie. I am fond of travelling, inculcating new interests, solving puzzles.


army of awesome, app reviewers, bugzilla, contributor engagement, developers, developer engagement, coding, developer tools, mozilla science lab, open badges, communications, open science, boot2gecko, mozilla uttar pradesh, rust, linux


.css3, .html5, .java, .javascript, .nodejs, ansible, apache spark, audacity, base of php, c and c++, docker, flask, open source evangelism, python 3, scala, software developement, user research


English, Hindi, Rajasthani


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Vouched By

  • April Morone

    I vouch for Amit because he has done work for then community, because he continues to try doing as much as he can for the community, because he does SUMO, to Army of Awesome, as well as to various Mozilla projects, and because he continues to do a lot for Mozilla along these mentioned ways. Plkus, he soon will be working on a hug coding project for Mozilla on which Malik and I will be helping.

  • Michal Dziewonski

    Amit has been supporting Mozilla's users through our forums, is getting started in Army of Awesome, and has great ideas to support users in his local community in the future. I hope he can keep rocking the helpful web with us! (

  • Aurelia Moser

    Amit has a profile with the Mozilla Science Lab, and has contributed to 1 blog post on our Blog. He requested this reference for his Mozilla Reps application. Good luck!


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