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article editing and writing, blogging and promotion, creative writing, english and teaching, indonesian to english translation, interpreter, literature writing, social media management, social media marketing, yoga


Vouched By

  • Lidya Christina

    Besides volunteering as Keyholder at Mozilla Community Space Jakarta, mas Akhlis also one of Bahasa Indonesia and Javanese language contributor for l10n-id.

    His writing skill also help Mozilla Indonesia have better quality content for website :)

  • Yofie Setiawan

    Akhlis is actively volunteering in Mozilla Community Space Jakarta program, and often help to translate important information from Mozilla blog to our local Indonesia language for our local community website.

  • Irayani Queencyputri

    Akhlis is one of the Mozilla Community Space Jakarta keyholders. I met him when he started to contribute his time to help running the space. Recently, Akhlis also contributing for ID L10n project using Pontoon. Thank you Akhlis, your contributions are very valuable.

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