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Mozillian for 8 years Jul 2012
Portland, Texas, United States
13:21 America/Los_Angeles
IRC : miss4f

Aimee Maree Forsstrom

Qualitative Research on User Feedback focus on FireFoxOs


I have been working in IT since 2000, in everything from academic research to networking, IT technician, Developer, Project lead. I have contributed and worked on the OLPC project and Meego and on the webside of things Drupal, Joomla, PHPBB. I perform mentoring for kids who want to learn to code. Now, working at Mozilla in the user advocacy team with a focus on FireFoxOs support.

I speak at various Conferences a list can be found here

Overall I would call myself a Problem Solver! I am a Proud Mozillian. My main work at the moment is in Qualitative Researcher, OpenWeb, BitCoin, FireFoxOS, MobileDevices.

My contribution story


ada initiative, army of awesome, ff os app, ffos


community engagement, css php html jquery, experienced linux and windows user, presentation, qualitative research


English, Maltese


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