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Mozillian for 6 years Jun 2014

Mehidia Afrin Tania

Localization, Webmaker, FSA,WoMoz


My name is Mehidia Afrin Tania. I am Graduate student at Primeasia University. I love and believe in the philosophy of Open Source and Open Web.

Basically I am a tech lover, I can say that I love technology. I am working in my IT company (, where I do digital marketing. My dream is to work with open source. That is why I searched for open source community where I could find good arguments to stay and create new passionable ideas.

I meet Mozilla Bangladesh Community in June 2014 through WoMoz. Because I am a girl, my intention is to empower me as well as other girls. I believe that Mozilla is giving us this opportunity .

Now I lead club of Firefox @PAU which belongs to my campus. I am also a member of WoMoz and MozGirlsBD. My core contribution area is localization. Last year I also contribute and help as a volunteer to Laura de Reynal in Webmaker research.

In 2016 I started working in Campus Campaign. I was invited to Leadership Summit in Singapore, where have prepared my first steps. Since then I prepared three effective events which are based on Campus Campaign and WoMoz.


.php, c, c++, community marketing, css, good at public speaking, html, java, javascript, team work, translator


Bangla, English, Hindi

Vouched By

  • Tanha Islam

    She has been an active mozillian, currently contributing to l10n and WoMoz team. She was also a part of webmaker research team in BD. She has been a wonderful teammate who helped organizing event and also helping to organize more events.

  • Zobayer Ahmed Khan

    She is an awesome WoMoz. Contributed through Webmaker project. Also contributed in Mozilla Foundation Booth 2015 at Digital World Bangladesh. Attended several WoMoz meetup. And was an attendee of Firefox OS HackFest 2015 Bangladesh.

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