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Mohammad Abumuailek

Marketing/Translation/Awareness/UI-UX/Community Building


I'm a technology enthusiast, living for the change & finding my way in Content Visualization, Communicational Design, UX, UI & lately Entrepreneurship. Packed with exceptional human skills & lots of great ideas working on them now. Very interested in Psychology, Sociology, Human/Social Engineering and looking to continue improving and expanding my knowledge & expertise in both Technology and Human science. I currently focus on Marketing in general, and online marketing in specific, also studying work flows and how to develop a business based on solid Information & Communication Technologies (ICT). Abumuailek® is a personal brand, so you'll find me on emails, websites and services (Facebook, Twitter... etc)

My contribution story


data visualization, digital marketing and research, e-marketing, entrepreneurship, facebook marketing, graphic design, psychology, sociology, ui, ux


Arabic, English, Hebrew

External Accounts

  • Phone (Mobile): +970592520370
  • Twitter: abumuailek

Vouched By

  • Wissam Imad Alazzam

    Mohammed in an active rep from Gaza , he organizes events and participate in Mozilla projects .

  • Mohamed Amarochan

    Active member from Palestine, Arabic community.

  • Rami Khader

    Moh'd is part of Arabic community and he contribute in the communication/design team


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