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Mozillian for 6 years Aug 2014
20:33 Asia/Kolkata
IRC : abraarsyed

abraar syed

Firefox Student Ambassador, Club Lead and RAL


Hello, my name is Abraar Syed. I am a product engineer at jnaapti. I am a tech-enthusiast who is always eager to learn,explore,experiment something new and useful. I like to spend my time on computers,learning,programming,competitive coding, dance and music. I am an extrovert,a good orator,logical,competitive,funny and ultra-friendly. I volunteer for FSMK and an active FSA, club lead and RAL for Mozilla.


firefox student ambassadors, mozspeakers


andriod, angular, angular 2, bootstrap, c and c++, css, docker, express js, html, java, javascript, jquery, jquery ui, mongo db, mysql, node js, perl, python, react.js


English, Hindi


Vouched By

  • Kaustav Das Modak

    Abraar has been active in the Mozilla community in Bangalore for nearly a year now. He has helped in various events during this time.

  • Abhiram Ravikumar

    Abraar is a very versatile, innovative and dynamic Mozillian in the Bangalore community. He's there when you need him, develops FirefoxOS apps and helps in community building. I have personally known Abraar for quite some time now and have introduced him to upcoming colleges as a resource person and he has not disappointed me. Keep rocking the open web!

  • Galaxy Kadiyala

    I've known Abraar for quite a while now. He is enthusiastic and his love for Mozilla made him one of the active contributors in the community. He helped promote and engage people with giving talks on Webmaker & FirefoxOS. Recently, published an article on FirefoxOS at his college yearly magazine.

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