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Mozillian for 2 years Dec 2017
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
19:11 Asia/Kolkata

Abhijeet Singh

Open Source Contributor, Event Organiser and Mentor (AI and Web)


AI Developer | Tech Speaker | Open Source Contributor

Living in Bangalore, India. From Rajasthan, India.


mozilla india


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  • Akshay S Dinesh

    Abhijeet is an amazing community mobilizer who has mentored many others into becoming good leaders. Abhijeet's wide smile gives confidence to everyone around to take on difficult ventures. The flourishing community of open source enthusiasts from Sir M. Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology, Bangalore - GLUG MVIT - is the best proof of the value Abhijeet brings to Mozilla's mission. Thank you Abhijeet for being a Mozillian!

  • Abhiram Ravikumar

    Abhishek from Glug MVIT, an engineering college in Bengaluru has shown amazing enthusiasm for organizing the HacktOctoberfest BLR event in Oct '19. Although I have only e-met him, his passion to drive open source projects & initiatives is remarkable. And the same has been appreciated.

    I'd like to thank Abhishek for all his efforts from the bottom of my heart & definitely he's an ideal Mozillian that anyone could emulate.

    Keep rocking the open web!

  • Shina Dhingra

    Abhijeet has been a Mozilla club lead for 2 years. He has encouraged people for the Mozilla Campus Clubs contest. He is a regular contributor to open source (GitHub, Mozilla, FOSSAsia, Microsoft, etc.) and has also mentored people on open source contribution in Mozilla Hacktoberfest Bangalore 2018 I worked with him while organizing the Common Voice event at his college. I am happy to vouch for Abhijeet!

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