Mozillian Profile

Abhishek Thakur

Vouched By

  • April Morone

    Abhishek is a contributor with a wonderful outgoing personality towards many he encounters, which goes far in his interactions with other contributors. He is a wonderful Mozillian, contributor, Firefox Student Ambassador. He has done work with others using WebMaker, and he has helped in SUMO, as well. I think he is a good contributor because of all he has done, plus for his outstanding personality that shines through as he helps others. I vouch for Abhishek.

  • Chandan Kumar Baba

    Abhishek is an awesome webmaker contributor as well as SUMO contributor too. He is leading the regional community and spreading the awesomeness . I am happy to vouch him.

  • Santosh Viswanatham

    Abhishek is an amazing Contributor and have been a part of various Local Community events and organized a few.He has always shown interest in the FSA Program and has been a part of it.


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