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Mozillian for 17 years Nov 2001
Nürtingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
12:55 Europe/Berlin
IRC : BesTo

Tobias B. Besemer

Quality Assurance, Tech Evangelism


"Undetected errors are handled as if no error occurred." (IBM)

"Lieber Nachts auf wilden Festen, als Zuhause Beta’s testen!"

Was some years away from the Mozilla Project ... ... maybe I should work a little bit on it again ... ;-) I be best reachable via Facebook.


german, 1337, android, aurora, bad-attitude, badasses, beards, beta, beta-tester, betatesters, bug triage, bugzilla, calendar, central, cloud services, coffee, communication, community, community builders, community engagement, community management, consultant, contributor, contributors


application testing, architecture, documentation, principles, quality assurance, technology evangelism, user experience


German, English


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  • Sebastian Hengst

    Tobias is a long term contributor to the QA efforts of the Mozilla project. His efforts help us to ship better quality.

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