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Ayan Choudhury

Technical Task Force,Documentation,L10N,Firefox OS,Webmaker,App Dev


Well!! I am Ayan Choudhury. Basically a contributor to Wikimedia Foundation and Microsoft Student Associates. I am in open source since I am with Wikimedia India and I am here to contribute for Mozilla as I love to contribute for Open Source. I am also Microsoft Certified Professional and Microsoft Technology Associates on web development and also a windows store app developer. I am a passionate Mozillian from Kolkata.

I am a Mozillian from Mozilla Kolkata Community for less than a year. I joined on the month of April, 2014. Have organized a loads of events.

  • Maker party Kolkata

  • Mozilla Day Kolkata

  • MozBoot - SVIST, Kolkata

  • FSA Meetup Kolkata - Feb, 2015

  • FSA online Meet-up for the newbies

  • FSA Meetup Kolkata - March, 2015

  • Firefox OS App Day Pre-event Workshop (HTML5, CSS, JS, FxOS App Demo)

  • Firefox OS App Day - NiT, Agarpara

  • Firefox OS Day - JGEC, Jalpaiguri Govt. Engineering College

  • Developer Boot Camp - Netaji Subhash Engineering College, Kolkata

  • MozSetup - Meghnad Saha Institute of Technology

  • Regional Community Activation Meetup, Kolkata

  • And apart from these two big events, I organized 3 MozCafes in and around Kolkata for regular community Meetups and and 2 online sessions for the newbies to get involved. In upcoming days in 2015 I have decided to hold monthly meetups with the FSA's in and around Kolkata. Hope this become fruitful for Mozilla.

    Attended loads of event like Hive, Firefox OS App Days, Hackathon, Localization, FUEL etc. List:

  • Hive KGP

  • Barasat Hackathon

  • Firefox 10th Anniversary Celebration

  • BN_IN fennec launch party

  • Khitij, 2015

  • FUEL Meetup

  • Konstruct 2015

  • Hack MDN

  • Firefox OS App L10N

  • Stumbling in a Box - West Bengal

  • Mozilla India Task Force Meetup - 2015, Bangalore

  • Mozilla Science Lab Global Sprint

  • MozCoffee Spring Campaign

  • Mozilla Year-End Community meetup

  • My upcoming events in this year are:

  • Kalinga University Mozilla Events
  • Kolaghat Engineering College Mozilla Event
  • FUEL & Mozilla L10n Meetup, Kolkata
  • Hive Kolkata, Jadavpur University
  • Want to contribute more for Mozilla and want to spread its Mission among more people. Love Mozilla!!!

    Thank You.

    My contribution story


    aoa, army of awesome, contentwriter, evangelism, web development, sf-monument, firefoxos, communications, bangla, persona, open badges, sumo, mozillian, firefox student ambassadors, localization, wiki, wikimedia, wikipedia, l10n:bn-in, linux, mozilla india, popcorn.js, mozilla kolkata, coders jgec, appdeveloper, mozilla geolocation, ingress, ingress enlightened


    app dev, azure, c, c sharp, c++, community builder, css, css3, dev firefox os app, dom, firefox os, firefox os app developer, html, html5, j2ee, jason, java, javascript, l10n, office app, ux, web desining


    Bangla, German, English, Spanish, Hindi


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    • Swarnava Sengupta

      Ayan is doing great work on l10n and helps to plan event for Mozilla Kolkata community!

    • Biraj Karmakar

      He is active localizer for bn-IN l10n Mozilla team . Also he organized makerparty in kolkata. His contribution towards in Mozilla is very promising.

    • Sayak Sarkar

      Ayan is an enthusiastic Mozillian from Kolkata and a very active community member within the Mozilla India community. He shows promise as a community member and is very active in SUMO and bn-IN l10n.

    • Priyanka Nag

      Ayan is a very active Mozillian from Kolkata. He has been actively doing some great localizations in Bengali as well as supporting Mozilla users through SUMO.

      A few links to his great work are: 1) 2)

    • Unknown Voucher

      I know him personally. He is a great localizer in bn-In and a great contributor in AOA.


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