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Sagar Hani

Make add-ons, extensions, themes.


I'm a FOSS enthusiastic. I always like to write blog posts related to FOSS. I love graphic designing. I scribble and play with colors on GIMP. I develop small, small innovative things like add-ons for firefox browser, web applications. I love to learn new technologies with fun. I always like to contribute to FOSS in one or the other way. I feel "God bless, for those who contribute to FOSS". I believe "Stretching one hand to help someone has more value than joining two hands for prayer!". I like to type on keyboard, that's the reason I have already put up soo much here. He He He...


.css3, basic python, blogger, bootstrap, design anything, foodie, graphic design: gimp, html5


English, Kannada

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