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Michelle Marovich


I spent my youth being troublesome. Now, slightly older and wiser, I work hard to help people navigate a path where they use their talents for good or for awesome. I’m still troublesome, but I prefer the term disruptive now, in a wholly Mozillian sense.

I now do a few different things for Mozilla, always coming to the table from a perspective of Global Talent Acquisition.

1) I work with the Community Building Team to create programs and infrastructure to scale our community to a Million Mozillians. My work here is focused on helping that team partner effectively within the organization to remove roadblocks to participation. You can talk to me about how you effectively bring people into an organization from a program perspective.

2) I help facilitate the recruiting programs that take our team to a higher level of achievement. When you are firefighting all day, hiring people, it's hard to keep forward momentum on long term strategies and goals. This is my passion and focus. I create and implement strategic systems and programs for the recruiting team, in an effort to support my fellow recruiters, and give them the best platform to "up their game."

I'm an interviewing trainer, and general helpful peoplepeople type person.

I’m also good at figuring out alternative ways to skin a cat (metaphorically of course.) No animals have ever been harmed during the course of my regular work-day.

Don’t be fooled by my hard candy shell! On the weekend I’m a softie with a family, two ridiculous dogs, a messy house in the suburbs, and a plethora of unrepentantly geeky hobbies.

I used to be the Lead Recruiter: Marketing & Engagement and Product.

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