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Mozillian for 1 year May 2013
JODHPUR, Rajasthan, India
14:11 Indian/Comoro

Meghraj Suthar

Contributor at Mozilla


I pursuing my graduation from Rajasthan, In Computer Science. I am interested in web development , in which i prefer HTML,CSS,JS,PHP etc languages. I like to googling and facebooking whole day,also i always think that i want to be different ,and DO not want to join rat race. I am a Mozillian. #firefoxstudents


add-ons, apps, firefox student ambassadors, firefox support, fsa, hindi localization, html5, localization, mobile, one and done, people, sf-monument, support, translation


community building, css, html, html5, java script, localization, my sql, php, phython, translation, web development, webmaking


English, Hindi

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