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Mozillian for 6 years Jun 2014
Seattle, Washington, United States
18:34 US/Pacific
IRC : mjkelly

M.J. Kelly

Internet Health Content Strategy


The Mozilla Internet Health marketing team. We activate the Mozilla Issues Agenda by driving and supporting content creation and campaigns that will make the issues mainstream and raise awareness about Mozilla’s role among our key audiences.

Read up on The Internet Citizen.



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Vouched By

  • Jessilyn Davis

    MJ has an eye for great content and a passion for good story telling - and she makes sure our communication channels sing (email, social, and Snippet).

  • Michaela (Thayer) Smiley

    With a big-picture view of the world and Mozilla, M.J. brings a strategic lens to content at Mozilla. She has crafted the "voice" of Firefox, which is expressed through multiple digital media channels including (but not limited to) social media, Snippet, and email channels. If you have a chance to work with M.J., do it! You won't regret it.

  • Dino McVouch

    An automatic vouch for being a Mozilla employee.

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