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(K)risztián Karóczkai

Firefox OS: events, education, support :)


I am a Firefox OS development teacher at the University of Óbuda (Hungary)


firefoxos, apps, app days


css, firefox os, firefox os app developer, html5, java, javascript, liferay, spreand firefox os, ux, web, webapis, webapps



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Vouched By

  • Gabriel Mičko

    Determinative person in Hungarion moz community.

  • Gergő István Nagy

    Conducted trainings several times about Firefox OS, and organized a whole semster training.

  • Balazs Koren

    Krisztian is not just a developer for Firefox OS. He is an event organizer, Firefox OS development teacher and he has a big heart for Mozilla and Firefox OS.

  • Kalman "KAMI" Szalai

    Contributing to the Hungarian Firefox OS team Organizing events, lectures, etc. Valuable contributions


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