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Mozillian for 4 years Feb 2015
Marechal Cândido Rondon, Paraná, Brazil
06:29 America/Sao_Paulo

João Paulo Polles

L10n, Social Support


IT Technician, studying ADS(Analisys and Development of Systems) in UNIVEL at Cascavel/PR, Video Editor, Cameraman, Full-stack Developer, volunteer on TvCvel(Community TV channel of Cascavel/PR).


.css, .html, .javascript, .php, a bit of ajax, a bit of c coding, basic jquery, l10n, social media, social support, webservices


English, Latin american spanish, Brazilian portuguese

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Vouched By

  • Lucas Coiro

    João offered a great support to the community in FISL17 . He helped us in so many things to provide a great experience for the public and users of Mozilla products who visited our table at the event

  • Jhonatas Rodrigues

    João Paulo Polles did a great work in FISL 17.

  • Cynthia Zanoni

    João Paulo Polles in your contribution in FISL17 we can see how community and team work are very important to do great things for our community. Thank you so much to be a awsome Mozillian and Congratulations for your work.

  • Geraldo Barros

    João did a great job recently in Mozilla Brasil Community in translation team of the teaching activities package Web Literacy Basics II.


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