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Mozillian for 7 years Aug 2012
03:05 Asia/Kolkata
IRC : riddler

Jithin Shah



A Nerdy Guy Of Kottyam, Code lover


add-ons, boot2gecko, coding, developer tools, mozilla kerala, open badges, people, persona, sf-monument, support, ux, web development, webfwd, evangelism, accessibility


c, css, evangelism, html, javascript, linux system administation, memcache, mysql, node.js, nodejs, open hardware, php, redis, vuejs, web development, webpack


English, Malayalam

Web sites

Vouched By

  • jsx

    I've known Jithin from his school days through various Mozilla Kerala activities. I've known him most for his association and initiation of a program where volunteers went to schools to teach kids basic computer and programming skills. He's eager to share what he knows and is a great person. He has done commendable work helping with various technical activities of the regional Mozilla community.

  • Abid Aboobaker

    This soul is one of the inspiration. Much passionate about open source and free software. A hacker who won code from his childhood. He was helping volunteers in setting up Moz2School project.Volunteered as mentor at many webmaker events. :)

    Jimbrootan of Mozilla Kerala :p

  • shine

    A hacker who has been coding right from his school days. A student who holds several awards for innovation. He has been a Mozillian and an active contributor to the regional community Mozilla Kerala. He has been a contributot to SuMo (Support Mozilla) and has been on the Army of Awesome for 2-3 months in a continous streak.

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