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Abid Aboobaker

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A passionate soul who loves and care Open Web. I'm working as Drupal Developer and Social Media Specialist in

I was using firefox from my early ages without much knowledge of its story. When I came to know how its working, that made me to contribute to Mozilla. Along with contributing to Mozilla by involving in the local community, I did find there were many other ways for contributing to Open Web and Mozilla. As an Open Source Evangelist and Open Knowledge advocate, I find this as the best platform to work for a better world. :)


boot2gecko, github, localization, mentor, mozilla kerala, program management, sf-monument, web dev, web literacy standard, privacy, repsmozfest2014, mozilla geolocation


branding, css3, drupal, event management, event planning, graphic design, html5, javascript, organization, php, public relations, public speaking, user research, wordpress


Arabic, English, Malayalam

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  • jsx

    Abid is a passionate freedom and privacy activist, a Mozillan and a friend. He's a creative thinker and organizes great events.

  • Flore Allemandou

    Abid is a great womoz contributor! Not only does he help in Kerala, organizing events to draw women to IT and mozilla. But he also helps the womoz community globally by redesigning the womoz website. I really hope that we will be able to meet soon (perhaps in mozfest), I would be very honoured to give a talk with him!

  • Gauthamraj Elango

    I am the mentor for Abid at reps Program. He is one of the stellar from the local community by not just doing events and spreading the word but also inspire others. Straight forward , jovial and a perfect community guy :) How can miss , he is a perfect developer too !

  • Shahid Ali Farooqui

    I know Abid for last six months. He is an active and consistent Mozillian for more than six months. He promotes Mozilla mission and open web through social media as well as through various public platform. Abid is involved in community building, loclization and development.

    I am feeling great to vouch Abid :)

  • Midhun Manoj

    He is a passionate soul who work for open source projects. Mainly contributed in Community Building in Kerala. I am much happy to vouch an active mozillian like Abid

  • Kumaresan.C.S

    I have known Abid as an active Mozillian who passionate about open source projects. Mozilla Rep, Event organizer...


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