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Mozillanaŕ wót 5 lět Aug 2013

Lan Glad

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In 2013, I signed up for SUMO (Mozilla Support) just to correct some typos in help articles. Then I learnt more about Mozilla and its mission, joined the Mozilla Slovenia team and started localizing stuff.

Now I'm the SL Locale Leader on SUMO and occasionally help localize other projects (, AMO, Firefox Accounts ...) in Pontoon.

I'm also a collector of vintage technology (kind of), a fan of Balkan music and a herpetoculturist (I own three very pretty pet snakes).

Until March 2016, I was known as Marko Glad - that's a long story ... :)

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  • Matjaz Horvat

    Marko is a valuable contributor to Slovenian l10n team:

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