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Mozillanaŕ wót 7 lět Nov 2013
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
05:22 Asia/Kolkata
IRC : tushki05

Tushar Arora

TechSpeaker, Volunteer, Community Building

Krotki profil

  • Part of Mozilla TechSpeakers program
  • Web enthusiast
  • Strong belief in Mozilla's mission
  • Love the community
  • Passionate about open source
  • Javascript Developer by profession
  • Contributed to WebVR and A-Frame project
  • Currently contributing to Webextensions project

Contributions at Mozilla

  • Started contributing to Mozilla with FirefoxOS App development and SuMo
  • Proud co-founder and active member of Mozilla Community Rajasthan
  • Started WebVR India community and lead efforts to evangelize and increase interest and participation in various related projects like A-Frame

Speaking Interests

  • Latest trends in Javascript
  • Webextensions
  • Firefox Dev Tools
  • WebVR


developer tools, firefox, mozilla, mozilla developer network, mozilla india, sf-monument, thunderbird, web development, webmaker, firefox student ambassadors, apps, mcr - mozilla community rajasthan, firefoxos, techspeakers, add-ons, evangelism, coding


addons, aframe, communication, community management, css, css3, documentation, event planning, firefox, firefoxdevtools, html5, javascript, mozvr, node.js, public speaking, strategic planning, virtual reality, webextensions, webvr


Engelšćina, Hindišćina


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  • Caitlin Neiman

    Tushar is a code contributor to add-ons projects, including the WebExtensions API. Thanks so much, Tushar! We appreciate having you in the community!

  • Ram Dayal Vaishnav

    Tushar is a dedicated contributor for Mozilla. He is a developer, evangelist, club lead and lot more. He is doing amazing job in Mozilla Community Rajasthan, spoke in so many events, conducted many events. He has also been a part of many superb events of Mozilla, like MiniCamp Jaipur, Mozilla India MozBoot. He is also a good mentor, and bringing many new contributors to Mozilla.

    Good luck Tushar :)

  • Meghraj Suthar

    He is an awesome Contributor as well great event speaker. Happy to vouch him.

  • Biraj Karmakar

    He has contributing to Mozilla for an year now.He made two apps for Firefox OS.Also he is running one Firefox club and attended events as a speaker also.

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