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Mozillanaŕ wót 4 lět Mar 2014
United States

Stefan Bohacek


Krotki profil

A web developer living in Brooklyn, New York.

Tšojeńko mójogo sobuźěła


front-end development, node.js, python, writing tutorials


Engelšćina, Słowakšćina


  • Andrew Sliwinski

    Stefan's feedback for the Webmaker team has been incredibly constructive and challenging. Having folks like Stefan in the community makes the whole project stronger!

  • Michelle Thorne

    Stefan teaches the web regularly and participates in our community of educators and activists. I appreciate his honest and constructive feedback and can-do spirit!

  • E. Dunham

    Among other contributions, Stefan's Creating for the Modern Web teaching kit was featured on Mozilla's webmaker blog. He teaches and assists users of Mozilla projects in a variety of online forums, both public and private.

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