Profil Mozillanarja
Mozillanaŕ wót 8 lět Oct 2011
Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh
14:02 Asia/Dhaka
IRC : safwan

Safwan Rahman

Access Groups

nda, slack-access, pmo-community-access


bangla, bangladesh, communications, localization, sf-monument, sumo, support, asia, firefox, l10n:translation, firefoxos, qa

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  • Ashickur Rahman

    One of those contributors for whom it was possible to complete SuMo top 100 KB localization challenge for bn-bd.

  • Joni Savage

    It's a joy to work with Safwan. He never runs out of ideas for the knowledge base and is great at engaging the community. The Bangladeshi SUMO community is able to do big things with very little resources because of excellent contributors like Safwan.

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