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Ravi Kumbhkar

web developer, promotor,localization

Krotki profil

Contributing at L10n,FSA program,MDN,Webmaker, QA


addon-builder, addons, design, localization, sf-monument, sumo, support, webmaker


css, html, java, java script, localization, python, ruby


  • Shahid Ali Farooqui

    I know Ravi from his college time when he first started contribution for Mozilla. He has been doing awesome contribution for l10n location project. He is very consistent in his work and we are proud to have him in l10n community.

  • Amira Dhalla

    Ravi is a member of the Webmaker community helping run events to teach the web such as KiddConnect in July 2014:!/events/4511

  • Umesh Agarwal

    Ravi have been doing great work for his reagional community. He has participated in many events and has organized few event in near past. Link :

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