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Mozillanaŕ wót 7 lět Oct 2013
19:35 Asia/Dhaka
IRC : rashik_i_nahian

Rashik Ishrak Nahian

Firefox OS app Developer ,Localization , Webmaker ,Blogging

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cout<<"Hello People"<<endl;

I am a Student of Computer Science and Engineering depertment of North South University .Currently working as a Technical Club lead of NSU FireFox Community

Learning something new everyday and sharing that knowledge with others is my passion!! Like my fellow Mozillians, I believe in a Open Web where anyone can create and share.Trying to Spread Mozilla's mission and love to code .

My contribution areas are following below:

Webmaker | Localization |Firefox OS App Develop | SUMO | Blogging | Blog Moderator of Mozilla BD Blog

Feel free to contact me through email .I reply to almost all of my mails.


bangla, bangladesh, firefox student ambassadors, l10n:bn-bd, linux, localization, mobile, opensource, sf-monument, thunderbird, ubuntu, firefox os community, firefox os testing, firefox os translation, north south university


army of awesome, blogging, c, c plus plus, css3, event managment, firefox os app developer, html, java, mentoring, monitoring, python, team work


Bengalšćina, Engelšćina, Hindišćina


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  • Mahay Alam Khan

    Ah what an Awesome contributor. Maintains a low profile but is high on contributing. A SuMo warrior, FSA, l10n ninja, Firefox Club lead, skilled with event organizing. I am really honored to vouch him.

  • Ashickur Rahman

    Our awesome SuMo warrior.

  • Tanha Islam

    Rashik joined as an NSU FSA.He helped organizing events, a webmaker mentor.He is also making FxOS apps, contributes to l10n, SuMo. He has the potentials to be a club lead. Always jumps into contribution and handles newbies with great care.

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