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Mozillanaŕ wót 5 lět Feb 2014
Pune, Maharashtra, India
02:35 Asia/Kolkata
IRC : Prathamesh

Prathamesh Chavan

Mozilla Representative

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I have been contributing to Mozilla since 2014 and became a Mozilla Representative in 2015. I have worked in various areas like Support Mozilla, Localization, Mozilla Location Service, User Research, Community building and management, Webmaker and Web Literacy, Firefox OS and Mozilla QA.

I am currently a member of Mozilla India Local Swag Team and the Mozilla Pune community.

I love to help people and you can drop me an email in case of any queries.

Access Groups

nda, slack-access, mozilla reps mentor, reps_leadership


mozilla india, webmaker, firefox student ambassadors, india, localization, evangelism, ingress, ingress enlightened, mozspeakers


coding, community building, community speaking, conference speaking, designing, documentation, teaching


Engelšćina, Hindišćina, Maratišćina


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  • Kade Morton

    Prathamesh has been invaluable to my journey with Mozilla. After I reached out to him he agreed to sit down with me, ran through how I can contribute to Mozilla, invited me to Mozilla community events in Pune and put me in touch with people that have lead me to making meaningful contributions with Mozilla. Very personable and willing to help, Prathamesh embodies the community spirit of Mozilla.

  • Sujith Reddy

    Recently, Prathamesh's name is pretty much associated with various Mozilla events in and around the country. A hyper-active young contributor, helping in pushing the Mozilla's mission pretty gently. Happy to see more from Prathamesh, in the near future.

  • Sayak Sarkar

    Prathamesh is a very active and enthusisastic contributor and community volunteer. He is primarily active around community building and spreadng web literacy.

    MDN profile : Mozillla wiki :

    He has also been working with Mozilla India Pune's MILE pilot project :

  • Ankit Gadgil

    Prathamesh is an enthusiactic contributor towards various mozilla projects like

    Locamotion :

    Webmaker: Blog report :

    SUMO: Translated a couple of documents to Marathi:

    Location Service:

    Prathamesh is also a FSA and a researcher for the User Research project program.

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