Profil Mozillanarja
Mozillanaŕ wót 5 lět Sep 2013
United Kingdom
07:39 Europe/London
IRC : errietta or erry

Errietta Kostala

code! (mostly webmaker)

Tšojeńko mójogo sobuźěła


angular js, javascript, node.js, perl


Grichišćina, Engelšćina



  • Spike (Chris Foote)

    Errietta signed-up to be a volunteer at MozFest 2015 despite facilitating a very popular session AND being part of the Leadership Cohort. She is a true and wonderful Mozillian!

  • Marien Zwart

    Fixed bugs all over the place (examples: MozMill bug 918243, Firefox for Android bug 910768, Webmaker bug 1010444 and many more).

  • Kate Hudson

    Errietta is a frequent contributor to the Webmaker team. She has commits in many of our projects, e.g.,, and others. She also attends our demo meetings and presents new features she helps build.

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