Profil Mozillanarja
Mozillanaŕ wót 10 lět Oct 2008
Bagneux, Île-de-France, France
20:03 Europe/Paris
IRC : Julia


documentation writer and Firefox mascot

Krotki profil

Mozilla Reps, Education fan, MDN scout, Firefox French mascot. Also M&M's addict.

What else ?


mozfr, womoz


css, documentation, education, event, html, mdn, press, writing


Engelšćina, Francojšćina, Italšćina



  • Ali Spivak

    Vouching due to work in the MDN community and on the MDN site

  • Antoine Turmel

    Julia is a long time contributor, part of the Frenchmozilla community. She was working on WoMoz project and have done lots of talks to help women to get in open-source projects like Mozilla. She is also THE Firefox mascot, wearing the costume at most of events in France and around. Last but not the least, she leads Mercredi Doc and contribute documentation on MDN.

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