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Kolkata, West Bengal, India
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Priyansu Ganguly

SUMO & Localisation


Hi everyone,this is Priyansu Ganguly,a second year student of Computer Science and Engineering in West Bengal University of Technology.Iam an Open-Source Enthusiast and am a contributer to Mozilla!!

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currently learning html 5, html:5 and css 3


Bengalisch, Englisch

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  • Biraj Karmakar

    Priyansu is one of the core contributor from Mozilla Kolkata community. Now a days he is managing social media on behalf of Mozilla Kolkata. Besides that he is doing good in fsa, SUMO,community engagement, web literacy projects. He helped me a lot when we organized Maker Party on Road in Kolkata. Due to his great contribution, I am vouching him here. Keep contributing and fight for open web!

  • Ayan Choudhury

    Priyanshu is one of the most enthusiastic Mozillians I have ever seen in Mozilla Kolkata Community. I am vouching for him and I hope that he will keep on doing this awesomeness in coming future also. Link to his contribution and Blogpost 1. Hope for more effort and awesomeness from Priyanshu!

  • Sumantro Mukherjee

    Priyansu is an active mozillian,Trainee FSA from Mozilla Kolkata. He manages the documentation for Mozilla Kolkata.His primary contribution area is SuMo,FSA and Web Literacy.He is good with responsibilities.He was part of couple of Big Events [Maker Party on Road(First Time in the World) and Konstruct2k15]. Priyansu blogs at and with this, I wish him to keep the awesomeness up!

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