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Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
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Omshivaprakash H L

Localization, App development, Out Reach


I'm a proud Kannadiga from Bangalore, Karnataka, India. I have been evangelizing FOSS around Kannada. Having build various platforms and resources such as , which concentrates on digitizing Kannada literature and making it accessible for researchers and general public. I also work around Open Knowledge initiatives such as Wikipedia. Around Localization, I do Firefox localization during my free time. My special interests are FirefoxOS & Firefox Mobile. I have been contributing to Fuel Project as well. My personal Kannada blog works as a guide to FOSS in Kannada under Creative Commons License.

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apps, creative, localization, support, mozilla india, language, firefox, mobile, qa, webmaker, kannada, india


cloud computing, linux administration, localization, mobile app development, testing, ui design, user research


Englisch, Hindi, Kannada


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  • Shankar Prasad

    Omshivu is an active contributor to Firefox browser as well as the mobile OS for Kannada Localization. He participated in localization sprints and helped me to achieve the goals. Apart from translating and testing he is also active in driving the community by helping to get more translators to the team.

  • Arky ♣

    Omshiva Prakash is long time Kannada localization contributor. He now driving Mozilla localization activities in Bangalore, India.

  • Jeff Beatty

    Shiv has been involved with the Kannada localization of Firefox for the last 7 years. He has helped to launch Mozilla products in this local language and saught to build up the Kannada speaking Mozilla community throughout his time at Mozilla. He's a great localizer with great talent and a big asset to the Indian community.

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